Silk Road

Take an adventurous journey with us along the ancient Silk Road. This ancient overland route begins at Chang'an (now Xi'an), by way of the Hexi Corridor, and reaches Dunhuang. It then divides into the Southern, Central and Northern Routes, following the mountain ranges of Mt. Qilian and to the south of the Taklamakan Desert, or going north of Mt. Tian Shan (Sky Mountain) through Turpan. Brought with the trades, was the collision of arts and religions along the Road. The unique journey is dotted by ancient architectures, Mogao caves, trading hubs, Sunday Bazars, and small oasis towns.

                                    Silk Road - Amdo Tibet (Gansu & Qinghai Provinces)

Day 01
Your local guide and driver will meet you at the Dunhuang Airport, drive to your hotel in Dunhuang.
Day 02
Meet for breakfast, the day tour to visit the Mogo Caves in the morning and after lunch, we drive to Minshan Echoing-Sand Mountain and Crescent Lake. Return to our hotel. 
Day 03

We drive toward to Jiayuguan, before we reach to Jiayuguan, we will stop at Yulin. Yulin is located 35k south from the main road. It is was of the most hidden sites from the major tourist for many years, There are many old caves those are worth to visit and some of the caves recently discovered even older than Dunhuang caves. Travel to Jiayuguan, we will stile enough time to visit the Jiayuguan great wall and overhanging wall. Overnight in Jiayuguan 
Day 04
Travel to Zhangye, the first 2 hours of driving would be on the expressway. After lunch we will reach at the rainbow mountains or Danxia landforms. we will spend 2 hours driving through the park and stop at the scenic spots for photographs. Meet our driver and drive another 40 mints to Zhangye. We will visit Giant Buddha at the center of the town before we check in our hotel. 
Day 05
Visit Mati Temple. caves located on the mountain sides, we will spend sometime to visit the all the caves. then continue our journey toward the Tibetan Plateau. We will reach the grassland slightly after noon. Keep traveling to Dola (Chin: Qilian)
Day 06
We leave toward to Xining through out an endless grasslands, you will reach the Lake Kkokonur (Chin: Qing Hai Hu). then to Xining. Overnight in Xining 
Day 07
Morning we will travel to Shachong Monastery. You will be in Shachong within 2 hours. This great monastery is located on the top of Amnye Shachong mountain. Visit the the assembly hall and Golden shrine (Sardong Chenmu). You will get a great panoramic view of the Yellow River. Then to Repkong (Chin: Tong Ren)
Day 08
Visit Thangka painting monasteries in the morning. After lunch, we will travel to Labrang (Chin: Xia He) through Ganja Grassland.
Day 09
Visit Labrang Tashi Kyi Monastery. A home 2000 monks and one of the six great monasteries for Buddhist and Tibetan studies. Explore the town and market.  

Day 10
Labrang - Lanzhou

If your major interest location is only on the silk road, we can happily redesign your private journey continue on the west and discover more historical sites and ancient forts in Xingjiang even further


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