Shigon Trek
(Qinghai Province)

What you need to know more about this trek
Trekking Type:    Easy

Basic information

Geography: Mountains, valleys, rivers, forests,

Weather condition: Rainy, windy, sunny
Best season: May through Spet 

Culture background: Salar, Tibetan (Amdo)
Facilities: Full board

Altitude: 2300m,6900ft-3600m,10,800ft

Rough Itinerary 

Day 01:

Xining-Xun Hua- Chuja. Driving 2 hrs, average altitude 2900m, 8700ft

Day 02:

Rabshong-Wendu.Trekking 5-6hrs,  average altitude 3100m, 9300ft.

Day 03:

Wendu-Karang. Trekking 5-6hrs, average altitude 3300m, 9900ft.

Day 04:

Karang-Gangtsa Trekking 6-7hrs,, average altitude 3300m, 9900ft.

Day 05:

Gangtsa-Shigong Monastery. Trekking 4-5hrs, average altitude 3000mt, 9000ft.

Drive to Xining. 

What you need to bring for this trek

  1. Sleeping bag

  2. Rain coat  

  3. Trekking boots

  4. Warm socks 

  5. Water bottle (can fill hot water )

  6. Sun bocks(+50)

  7. Bag pack ( to carry your personal items and your lunch pack, 38-50l).

  8. bag cover.

  9. Hat, (Cap, Wool hate)

  10. Walking sticks (optional)

  11. Sun glasses

  12. books to read


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