Annual Cham ritual Festivals in Amdo  

The Tibetan New Year is a time of monastic dancing, village-wide celebration, and ceremonies infused with incense on snow-covered highlands. Feel the excitement of pilgrims as they gather to view the pulsating rhythms of monastic Cham dancing. Witness the annual unfurling of a majestic Buddhist painting 90 feet long. Feel the low resonance of monastic horns calling the start of the celebration. Watch regal processions of rare idols as they parade through villages and towns.

Day 01 
Arrive in Xining. The capital city of Qinghai Province. Meet your local guide and drivers. Drive to your hotel at the center of the of the town. Meet for welcome dinner 
Day 02
We leave our hotel and start to drive toward to Rebkong where we will see some of the most fascinating rituals. We will stop at Shachong monastery. One important pilgrimage sites. Arrive in Rebkong (Chin: Tong Ren)
Day 03 

Rebkong (Cham ritual day). We will meet some well-known Thangka painting masters at their house for lunch. Visit their marvelous art work.  
Day 04
Rebkong (Cham ritual day). Dinner at a local house with local Tibetan food. 
Day 05
Rebkong (Cham ritual day). Visit Tashi Kyi monastery in the after noon, a hidden retreat which has nearly 1000 years history.  
Day 06
Rebkong-Ganja-Labrang (Chin: Xia He)

Day 07
Visit Labrang Tashi Kyi mMonastery  in the morning . Visit Cham Ritual for the day. 
Day 08
Labrang (Cham ritual day)
Day 09
Labrang (Cham ritual day)
Day 10

NOTE: This trip can be extented for another week to visit some of the less visited Cham rituals in Ngawa (Chin: A Ba) and Taktsang Lhamo (Chin: Lang Mu Si

Cham Ritual in Rebkong


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