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Established in 1999, Travel Wild Tibet is an entirely local-owned travel company specializing in eco-friendly and socially responsible tours. We offer cultural, trekking, festival, Tibetan home stay and photography tours throughout the remote regions of Tibetan plateau. Our experienced team includes the most veteran tour agents in the region, who are knowledgeable in Tibetan Buddhism, local folk culture, history, geography, and well-versed in Tibetan, Chinese, English, French, and Japanese. We are hard-core high-altitude trekkers, professional photographers, and above all, passionate about our land. The plateau is such a geographic space of magnificent landscapes, cultural space with abundant colors and events, and spiritual space for solitary experiences. We are here to assist with your journey.

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Individual tailored tour choices for both Tibet Autonomous Region and outside of TAR

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tour choices for both Tibet Autonomous Region and outside of TAR

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There are endless travel plans which can be customized upon your interests. 


     Journey along rushing rivers, ford a river on horseback, trek to imposing holy mountains, and reach the summit of a mountain pass to see the vast landscape bellow, snow-covered peaks, bubbling springs, grassland, valleys, and flowering meadows. Meet local nomads along the way, enjoy the view of glaciers, and visit isolated monasteries nestled in this breathtaking terrain.

Home Stay

     Delve into local life by staying with a village family,at a monastery, or nunnery. Attend monastic chanting sessions, experience the warm hospitality of a local family, or herd yaks on the high-altitude grasslands with local nomads. Learn to cook the authentic local cuisine, work in the barely fields with Tibetan farmers, and attend the summers festivals, where you will chat, dance, sing outdoors at village-wide gathering. Ride your host family’s horse along the mountain passes and gain an understanding of traditional Tibetan life.

Silk Road

     Take an adventurous journey with us along the ancient Silk Road. This ancient overland route begins at Chang'an (now Xi'an), by way of the Hexi Corridor, and reaches Dunhuang. It then divides into the Southern, Central and Northern Routes, following the mountain ranges of Mt. Qilian and to the south of the Taklamakan Desert, or going north of Mt. Tian Shan (Sky Mountain) through Turpan. Brought with the trades, was the collision of arts and 
religions along the Road. The unique journey is dotted by ancient architectures, 

Mogao caves, trading hubs, Sunday Bazars, and small oasis towns.

Family Holiday

      If you wish to travel with your senior family members or children, these enjoyable routes through the valleys, villages and pasturelands offer a great exposure to the local life in Tibetan cultural sphere. You can stay with a farmer’s family helping in the fields of barley, or attend animals, ride horses and taste yogurt at a nomad’s family on 

You may visit a Thangka painting artisan, or stay at a temple and attend meditation sessions.  We also offer the trip to Dunhuang caves to appreciate the ancient arts on the silk road.

Winter Festivals

      Winter is the time for festivals and rituals. Losar, the Tibetan New Year usually corresponds with February in western Calendar. Monlam Chenmo (The Great Prayer Festival) begins on the 4th day of the first month of Losar, for the examinations of the highest degree in Buddhist Philosophy. Cham masked dance takes place between the 5th - 17th, followed by Torgyak in theatrical 
displays of combatting the negative energies of ignorance, attachment 

and hatred, as the root of human sufferings. Sky is high, air crispy clear, time for a colorful journey of inner purifications.


      The plateau is a stunning world for photographies. We've led and assisted the international photographers and film makers to capture the epic landscapes, portraits, events, wildlife, flora and fauna through the lenses, while witnessed the dramatic changes in local life over the past decades. Let us know your interests and time frame, together we can design a special route for you. 

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